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Product description

100% Authentic Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel

Lose 5 lbs - 10 lbs a week!

Free Shipping!  Delivery takes 3 to 5 days to the United States, Europe, Asia & Austrilia

We promise significant weight loss in a short period of time. Most of the users lose over 5 lbs a week by taking Meizitang Botanical Slimming Softgel.

Fast effect, natural-herbal formula, no rebounding, no diarrhea, no side-effect.
Suitable for people above the age of 18 and under 60
Extracts of natural plants with no side effects
Restraining  appetite naturally without dieting.
Quick effects, Fast weight loss

XianXian Cao, Jobstears, Artemisia Dracunculus, Psyllium Husk, Bamboo Shoot, Lotus Leaf.

Usage & Dosage
1 capsule a day before or after breakfast

650mg * 12 capsules * 3 sheets (36 capsules).

Meizitang Botanical Slimming Softgel is Suitable For
1. General obesity, pubertal fat, postpartum weight gain.
2. Especially effective for people who always fail to reduce weight or those who tend to regain fat .
3. It is also a good choice for whoever just wants to keep slim.

Latest Customer Reviews:

Date Added: 07/16/2011 by Cherie Fukuda
i tried these pills and lost 5 pounds in a week. but i'm not sure if the pills have the problem of trouble sleeping. i eat a lot as before and lose weight. so happy.
Date Added: 07/12/2011 by Nora Fudge
the real meizitang capsules are soft. laser mark MZT is noticible. liquid inside is semitransparent
Date Added: 07/03/2011 by ALMA DILLARD
can anyone know how to tell the real meizitang and fake please tell me.
Date Added: 06/30/2011 by Susan gaal
i bought fake meizitang on other site and not lose weight. fortunately i was told this site by a friend and had great sucess with these pills. it was WONDERFUL.
Date Added: 06/26/2011 by maria Torres 
8 pounds on 2 weeks :)
Date Added: 06/20/2011 by THAM Setya
it affected my sleeping in the first 2 days-i'd fall asleep then wake up two hours later. also awake early in morning but that's ok, i sleep sound now.
Date Added: 06/14/2011 by Elizabeth Mainez 
Hey, girls... i am stop taking meizitang, i am losing more than i thought. 15 pounds down already and i started them May 27th.
Date Added: 06/08/2011 by Gonzalo HAMANO
my goal is to lose 35 lbs and probably i accomplish that soon. i am just a little worry about the rebounding. well, i will try to control my meals after stopping meizitang pills.
Date Added: 06/01/2011 by Bettsy Garcia
i was too thirsty begnning meizitang and kept drinking lots of water and juices.
so efficient!! i e-mail them, they reply within the 15 to 20 minutes. i now contact them directly from the email address and not from phone or site.
Date Added: 05/25/2011 by David pasillas
last month i purchased botanical slimming from this site and it really worked. i lost 21 lbs already. i had about 10 packs and shipping is free. 
Date Added: 05/12/2011 by Brenda Vance
first day taking MZT. i'm really thirsty... drinking a lot of water and not feel hungry... 216 pounds let's see how i feel a week later. so far the pills give me full feeling and i def have that dry mouth going on, but not too much. it's only the first day. let's see how much i lose a week later.
Date Added: 05/09/2011 by kurt Mathews
it's amazing. my skinny jeans fit again! i lost a lot of my muffin top around my belly. now i'm going to take it every other day. just not want to be so thin.
Date Added: 05/06/2011 by FELICIA Guerra 
i am drinking botanical slimming for a month and so far ive only lost 14 lbs, i started at 196 and now 182, Ugh im frustrated..... i will keep drinking the pills and hope to lose more and more pounds. i am desperate to get rid of fat.
Date Added: 04/30/2011 by AMPARO Ferguson
everyone around me is loosing. my boyfriend take it and lost 10 pounds now. im going to try it though im really not that fat.
Date Added: 04/26/2011 by Nichole bozova
i tried the meizitang botanical slimming pills and extremely HAPPY with the effects! within two weeks i lost 8 lbs which was amazing!  actually i was able to fit in skirts i hadnt wore after have my baby. i decide to give up junk food and coffe and begin eating healthier and exercise once a week to lose more.
Date Added: 04/13/2011 by traci Montalvo
i have lost 11 lbs in two weeks. my brother and mother are taking the same pills and they continue to lose weight. i notice my pants are loosing... i still need to lose another 16 lbs before my wedding. wish me good luck.
Date Added: 04/01/2011 by Yesenia Montgomery
i started taking pills two days ago and lost 3 pounds. unbelievable!! the pills supress my appetite and i  eating a little less of my meals than i normally do. i do some exercise also. i run on the treadmill to burn calories in my body and walk 30 minutes after 6pm. i did snack about twice this week late in the night, not good i know, but i'm trying to stop lol. how is everyone else feel so far?? share 
Date Added: 03/26/2011 by Kristal Sims
i'm on the third week of taking the ones from this site. they look real for i weigh today and see i lost 12 pounds.
Date Added: 03/18/2011 by Delma Ramirez
I'm 35 years old weighed 272 pounds. I  always weight myself even as a size 7 weighed 166 pounds. I Have spent hundreds of $$ on kinds of slimming pills. some of them worked but I have gained all the weight back plus more. I have gained over 30 pounds in the past three years becuase I had 2 babies one right after another. I was told about the "mezitang" that has fast effect. After being scammed on my first order from a local girl here in Houston I chose to order them online here. Anyhow I started to use the pills  and weight 279 pounds. I weighed myself today is 272 pounds. I have lost 7 pounds with no side affects just thirsty in a week. I'm hoping that this pills work better for me in the following days because I have 2 babies who need their mommy to stay around for a long time.