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Lose 5 lbs - 10 lbs a week!

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Botanical Slimming Softgel (Strong Version)

Meizitang Strong Version (MSV) is the strong version of Meizitang Botanical Slimming Softget.
Botanical slimming softgel (strong version) is enhanced strong formula of original Meizitang Soft Gel, which contains 20% more effective ingredients and formula that can make the user lose weight faster. Meizitang Strong Version can effectively burn fat, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity.

* Spec: 650mg * 36 pcs
* Brand: MSV

All Genuine Soft Gels are with laser mark MSV.
Please contact us If you find any Meizitang Strong Version with no laser mark MSV or Fake
Laser mark in sake of safeguarding of your health.

Functional Ingredient Proportion  
Xianxian cao                    21%          79.8 mg
Jobstears                         18%          68.4 mg
Artemisia dracunculua    12%         45.6 mg
Psyllium Husk                   19%         72.2 mg
Bamboo Shoot                 16%         60.8 mg
Lotus leaf                           14%         53.2 mg

Latest Customer Reviews:

Date Added: 07/17/2011 by Michelle Sierra
I heard of the meizitang strong verson from my cousin. She took the regular softgels before and now she begins to take strong version softgels. It is efficient on losing weight. I tried it for two weeks and I have lost 12 lbs so far. I am very glad with the effect.
Date Added: 07/13/2011 by Kimberly Barkley
i notice i am losing arms are less flabby and my stomach is flatter...I haven't weighed myself or anything...I am sure i am a bit starting weight was 186 i'm trying to get down to 150...just let you guys know i will reach that goal with help of meizitang strong version... Thanks.
Date Added: 06/24/2011 by Karyn Rueda
I began taking Meizitang strong vesion a week ago. I am down 6 lbs and energetic, suffering no trouble sleeping. I have a decreased appetite and I notice that I cannot eat nearly as much as before. aother thing draws my attention is that my water intake increased. The result is good, and I hope it continue!
Date Added: 06/22/2011 by Tracey Waugh
I am happy i found this site. i just want to share with those who also taking this slimming strong version, we're all losing weight now. I want to say the meizitang botanical slimming pill is awsome. it is great.
Date Added: 06/21/2011 by Karina Astbury
some of my friends found and tried meizitang botanical strong vesion...they claim it is perfect without side-effect, no sleepless,no upset stomach, etc... guarantee of around 24 pounds fat loss within 1 month.. and only 1 pill per day that get 36 pills in a pack... I have lost almost 32 pounds so far... awesome.
Date Added: 06/11/2011 by Christy Villarreal
Hi, Bob. I have stopped taking the meizitang strong version with no point but like I said before I was 182 lbs and in two months went down to 146 , more Amazingly after I stopped taking it about one week and weight myself, guess what happened???!To my surprise that i was 142 pounds. I am so happy I was size 14 now size 10 this is perfect! I do a very light exercise once a week to keep my weight .
Date Added: 06/09/2011 by Maria Bernal
i just come to share my reault today .I've been taking msv for about 1 month, and i have lost 35 pounds, i am very satisfied with the result and i will keep using them because i'd like to lose more weight! Thank you for this good pill.
Date Added: 05/23/2011 by Bjorn Dolu
I was told by my girlfriend about the strong verson. It was actually third hand information that she was also told by a lady she worked with, who went from 180 lbs to 120 lbs in 4 months. No any exercise!  At this point, I was very interested and i am willing to try it. I went from 220lbs to 201lbs in 3 weeks. i did no exercise. I watch my diet though.  I  want to continue losing weight ! Will keep using them.
Date Added: 05/20/2011 by Edna Ambrosio
a very good weight-loss gel,i like it so much! i really aware that only the authentic product value its price. i won't believe that cheap ones any more!!
Date Added: 05/15/2011 by Carlos HIGUERA
lost some pounds this week. it is good so far.
Date Added: 05/09/2011 by Jacky Chil
Hey Sally, delivery is not fast but the effect of the MSV softgel is really fast! Within the first 12 days of using MSV, I've already lost 7 pounds! I look great and feel great! All thanks to you!
Date Added: 05/03/2011 by Davis Nelson
The Meizitang Strong Version causple is very popular in the USA. A few friends of mine told me that it works very well and has helped them lost stones of weight. The capsule I ordered from you is the same as what my friends used. Thanks. - Davis
Date Added: 04/20/2011 by Hamzah Samsiah
Hello. I'm Hamzah in Malaysia. I got your products last Monday. Today is the 10th day i take the MSV softgels. My husband said he noticed i had lost some inches. Yes. It is. My jean is getting loose now. I have lost almost 4 kgs, in such a short time, it is really amazing! You know i tried so many pills before and tried to quit eating for many times and it is very hard for me. Dieting demands self-discipline but I do not have self-control ability. Sometimes dieting brings me low spirits. With your MSV pills, I can enjoy my foods now. Why would you have to quit eating? I have got a way to lose weight without going on diet. It is very good. Great Thanks!