the reason of overweight

Most people believe that overweight people is the result of the excess intake of food. When we eat much more food than our bodies actually need, the excess amount of food will turn to be fat and stored in our bodies.

Foods which will cause us to be fat are of high or excess calories. The following are some examples of the foods that contain calories higher than normal level: white bread, hamburger, refined sugar, potatoes and etc. we can take meizitang to avoid the trouble of being fat.

If we eat food with low calories, we can eat twice or triple the amount of food we eat before and need not to worry about weight increase.  And we can eat everything to our heart’s content by taking meizitang botanical slimming softgels and without the problem of increasing weight. Food that consists of lower than 55 calories will make us impossible to gain weight. These foods stop our body from accumulating fat and meanwhile help us to lose weight.

People with weight problems usually thought that their large bones are the crucial reason of being fat. It is a wrong opinion. The average weight of an adult women ranges from 6 pounds to 6.2 pounds. And it is from 8.6 pounds to 8.8 pounds among that of men. Let’s put it this way, suppose a woman has a bone size twice or triple than that of other women, she would only weigh 5 pounds or so than other women.

Some people eat food when they are not hungry. We suggest that it is better to eat only when you are hungry. The food intake during the period of feeling not so much hungry will make you gain extra weight. If we do not take food when we are hungry, the body will consume the he stored fat and contribute to weight loss. Therefore, it is quite feasible to eat food one hour after we feel hungry. The more we prevent our appetite for food, the slimmer we will become.

The best thing for us is not to eat past the point of the satisfaction of our stomach. But if we are not willing to less the ammount of food, we can have botanical slimming pills first and then enjoy numerour delicious food. When we are eat full amount of food that makes us not hungry, please stop to take any more. In this way, we will prevent ourselves to be overweight.

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