The secrets of gaining no weight after eating much by meizitang slimming

Usually fat people will complain that they will become fat even though they only drink water. Is this true? In fact, you are born with your genes controlling the fat growth, but for those who are easy to gain weight, there are also ways to solve this problem. In this article, Meizitang slimming will share with you some ideas about the solution.

The first thing you should know is that your physique can be changed. Here the nutritionists will tell you how to change your physique and you will lose weight when you walk, take a bus, drink and sleep. Here are some features of easily fat physique and you can check whether you are this kind of physique.

  1. You love to have cold drink.
  2. Your muscles are extra strong.
  3. There is little urine and the color of it is yellow.
  4. Your body has a problem of edema.
  5. It is easy to have a dry mouth and be thirsty.
  6. You can not stand the hot weather and the body temperature is high.
  7. Constipation often occurs and the excrement is dry and hard.
  8. Your face is usually red and it is easily for you to blush.


If you have more than 3 of these characteristics, this means you have an easily fat physique. If you have less than 3 of these characteristics, then congratulations to you for you have a good physique and you can spare the concerns of easily becoming fat. However, you should keep in mind that the physique will change as time goes on. With the growth of your age and the change of secretion, a good physique for losing weight can be changed into a bad one. Therefore, a healthy diet is extremely necessary for you to keep a healthy life style for fear that one day you will be changed into an easily fat physique. So what can they do if they are born with an easily fat physique? Here the experts of Meizitang slimming will provide you with some practical solutions.

  1. Most of the people who have easily fat physique have an acidic physique, that is to say, the PH value of your body is acidic. There are simple ways to recognize whether you have an acidic physique. For example, it is easy to have a bad breath and the excrement will be smelly too. In the afternoon, it is liable for you to feel tired. Besides, you will prefer sweet foods and have a heavy taste. The blood will also be acidic if you have an acidic physique, which will make it easy for fat accumulation. Just like in a building, if the water in the plumb is clear, it is difficult for the plumb to be jammed. If the water is thick and muddy, it is easy to be jammed. Similarly, people with an acidic physique have a weak system of metabolism, so the fat and other toxins are easily accumulated in your body. How to deal with acid physique? The answer is to eat more alkaline foods in order to balance the acid inside your body. How to tell alkaline foods from acidic foods? Meizitang slimming here introduce some kinds of alkaline foods to you. Vinegar and lemon are the representatives of alkaline foods. There is a common fallacy that the foods tastes sour will be acidic foods. In fact, the contrary is correct. All kinds of vinegar and lemon drinks are alkaline and can be used to adjust the acidic physique, but no sugar should be added. Alkaline mineral water that contains calcium is also a good choice. There is this kind of mineral water on the market, which contains calcium, potassium and magnesium and tastes salty and unsmooth. Therefore some dislike it but this is really good choice.
  2. More water should be drunk to boost your metabolism. First, water can smooth the excretion and promote the discharge of melanin, sweat, urine and some toxins. In addition, water can weaken the gastric acid, which will help to control your appetite and the boost of metabolism will give you a nice skin. 70% of elements in human body are water, so drinking more water is really important. Nutritionists suggest that we should drink 1500 ml of water everyday, or the toxins inside the body can not be discharged and thus it is easy to gain weight. When you get up in the morning, you can drink 500 ml of boiled water before breakfast. In the morning and afternoon, drink 250 ml respectively. After going back from water, another 250 ml of water will contribute to the function of metabolism.
  3. No starchy foods should be taken in after 6 pm.

Starchy foods are the main foods for easterners. No intake of starchy foods will discomfort your body because the feeling of hunger can not be appeased. When the intake of starchy foods decrease, the system of immunity will become weak and you are likely to fall into diseases. These starchy foods will lead to obesity of lower-body. So it is advisable to eat in day time. If you are a big fan of bread and rice, try to eat at breakfast or at lunch. In this way, you have a whole day to consume the calories contained in starchy foods and the calories will not be accumulated. Some of starchy foods, like coarse rice, contain high-grade starchy. Nutritious foods will provide the nutrition your body needs but the delicious foods which contain little nutrition will be burden to our body and will only result in obesity. In coarse foods there a large amount of vitamin B2 and if you do no like the taste of coarse foods, you can add some coix seeds and cereals to make porridge. According to our experts, this collocation is both nutritious and convenient and thus a great choice for you.

Usually people are jealous of the one who eat much but still has a nice body figure. With these suggestions given by our experts, you can also become this kind of person. And Meizitang slimming products also have this kind of amazing effect, for they contain herbal ingredients, which will benefit you greatly for losing weight.

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