Tips for those who have to do night shifts

Night shifts will upset people’s habits of work and rest which will disturb the biological clock of the body. As a result, it will cause the disorder of the body’s rhythmicity and this will have a bad influence on eyesight, intestines and stomach as well as sleep. When people take night shifts, it will be easier for them to feel tired and distracted. The adjustment of your diet will make up for the influence caused by the disorder of biological clock in a sense. Generally speaking, if you are still at work 4-5 hours after dinner, you need to have another meal around about 11-12 o’clock in order to maintain the strength for work. According to researches, disorder of biological clock will change the metabolism, which means bigger needs for calories, protein and vitamin. Therefore, we should choose foods rich in vitamin and protein at night but we should control the amount and the foods should be easy to digest. Instead of greasy foods, plain foods or porridge will be better, like noodle soup, dumplings and milk. Those people work at night will eat much at night, which will lead to overweight. For this problem, we recommend meizitang soft gel to you.

Those who often take night shifts should take in more vitamins particularly. Vitamin A can accommodate the synthesis of visual purple, a photoactive substance of the retina, in order to improve the adaptability of night workers to the dim lights. In this way, it will prevent eye fatigue so as to improve the work efficiency. There are rich vitamin A in animal liver, diary, eggs and color vegetables, so those people should eat more lean meat, fish, pork liver and carrots. Vitamin C can help to mitigate the tiredness of the body and boost the immunity of the body. Therefore, much fruit and vegetables should be eaten in order to supplement vitamin C in our daily diets.

First, drink one cup of milk before work. In accordance with scientific statistics, the skin metabolism is the most vibrant from 12 at night to 6 in the morning. A cup of milk will benefit the skin and delay skin aging. Second, after a night’s work, do not drink exciting drinks. Tea and coffee will both excite you. Some people like to drink a cup of tea or coffee to get rid of the tiredness and then when they try to sleep after work, they can not fall asleep. For a long time, this will lead to neurasthenia and premature senility. Third, a bowl of porridge before sleeping next day will be helpful. Greasy foods and overeating should be avoided. Or you will need botanical slimming gel to lose the weight you got after long-time night working. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, if the stomach is uncomfortable, then you will not get a sound sleep. Especially in winter, a hot water foot bath for 10-15 minutes will be great. Here we got one secret method for you to remove the black eye circle. You can wrap some used tea in cotton cloth and put it on your eyes for a while. After 10-15 minutes, wash it clean and put on some eye cream. Another method is to use potato slices.

Usually night workers should guarantee 7-8 hours of sleep next day. If you sleep for less than 7 hours, a nap should be taken 3 hours before work and even 10-20 minutes will be useful to make you awake at work and refresh yourself as well as decrease mistakes.

All in all, night workers should realize the importance of sleeping. The less sleep you get, the more tired you become and consequently more mistakes will be made. When people get sleep, their metabolism will slow down, so they will get fat. If you want to lose some weight, meizitang gel will be a grear choice.  After night shifts, a good sleep and rest is needed. The first thing to do after night shifts is to have a good rest. Usually sleep from morning to afternoon is proper and too long sleep should be avoided. After getting up, you should do some outdoor exercises in order to exercise your body and relax your muscles. Long-time tense will exhaust you and then work efficiency is hard to be secured.

There are skills to work night and still keep healthy and strong, or you will be broken down finally. Here are some small tips for those who work at night. First, never eat instant noodles to stuff your empty stomach in order to avoid too much internal heat. Fruit, bread, porridge and vegetables are better choices. Second, before work, take one pill of vitamin B, which will relieve the sense of tiredness and build up the immunity. Third, refreshing drinks, like green tea, can get rid of the free radicals in our body and refreshes you. For those who have bad stomachs, Chinese wolfberry tea will reduce the pressure and make your eyes brighter. Forth, do remember to remove the make-up before staying up at night, or the powder layer will result to acnes. Fifth, do remember to take a nap at noon next day.

After months of night working, you might gain some weight. If you want to slim down, some botanical slimming gels will do a bid favor.

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