The reasons for getting fat in autumn

First, this is a season when constipation often happens. More foods that contain rich fiber will help flatten the belly. Less exercise and less drinking of water will increase the chances for constipation. Apart from regular exercises and more water, less desserts and greasy foods should be taken in. Fibrous foods, like vegetables and mushrooms will stimulate the bowels of stomach and intestines, which will naturally help to solve the constipation problem and when this problem is solved, it is easier for you to lose weight. The constipation problem will make you gain much fat in a long time, so if you have weight problem, you can take one meizitang soft gel before breakfast, which is very helpful to lose weight.

Second, autumn is also a season to start eating hot pots. A plate of sesame oil and jam with mutton and beef will be delicious, which make it difficult for you to resist the temptation. When you go to eat hot pots, you need first get to know the reasons for your fatness. Although the hot pots are all boiled but do not forget the soup. There is much oil and many high-calorie spices added in the soup. In addition, meat is common when you eat hot pots and the delicious meat will make you fat before you realize. To eat ice creams in cold weather is as fashionable as to wear short skirts in winter. It is hard to resist the tasty ice creams. There is no ground for blame if you like ice creams but in order to lose weight those high-calorie ice creams should be get rid of. And if you could not resist, control yourself and just eat half cup of the ice cream.

Then snacks at night will make you gain much weight. With the decrease of temperature, the desire for snacks is stronger especially on an idle night and you will lose the resistance for snacks. If you have to eat something, or you will not fall asleep, the choices for foods should be discreet. Low-calorie and easy-to-digest foods that will supplement strength and satisfy appetite are better choices, for example, porridge or noodles with much soup. Oil-fried foods should be avoided or you will regret next day on the scales. Low-calorie foods like low-fat milk and fruits will not only help to lose weight but also beautify the body and faces. Too much eating of high-calorie foods will lead to obesity. Some botanical slimming soft gel will give you a hand dealing with the weight problem.

Next reason is that we often drink milk tea instead of plain water. In summer, the moisture loss is very fast so that much water will not make you feel tasteless. In autumn, the sweet milk tea is more attractive than plain water. If you feel the plain water taste not good, you can make some lemon water with some sugar in it. The calorie content of 1 lemon is less than 3o calories so there is no need to worry about gaining weight after dinking that delicious lemon water. Or you can also drink some herbal tea and green tea, which are also very helpful.

In autumn, the morning and night will be a little cold, which lose the many people’s courage to go outside for exercises. In summer swimming is comfortable but when it turns to autumn, many will lose their interest in swimming, which is a perfect way to keep a nice body figure. Exercises for 30 minutes in a day and for 4 days a week will boost your metabolism, which will make it not easy for you to get fat. Hula hoop, rhythmic gym, stair-climbing and robe skipping are all great exercises for losing weight. If you want to lose weight by no exercises quickly, try one meizitang gel before breakfast for this works very well.

After the temperature goes down, you will no longer take a long-time bath due to the coldness. We suggest you do some exercises before bath. After exercising, the blood circulation will be smoother and the metabolism faster. Usually you will get use to the cold temperature more easily. When autumn comes, we will put on more clothes and no loner care about the body figure. We suggest you wear suitable clothes and when your size change and you will feel it immediately, or it will be late when you find that you gain much weight next summer.

In summer, people will have little appetite for the temperature is high and you will feel uncomfortable. Then autumn comes and you appetite will restore and even become bigger. Sometimes you eat fried chicken without control. Therefore, the oil intake each day should be controlled. If you eat outside, you can prepare a bowl of water and dip the greasy foods in the water to get rid much of the oil on it.

Last but not least, when the appetite is better, the speed of eating will be faster, which will make you eat more than you need before you realize it. In autumn, people will have a higher rate of metabolism and then people need to eat more to satisfy the body’s need. It takes 30 minutes for the signal of being full to be transferred from stomach to brain. After you wolf down the foods, you will still feel nothing and keep eating. So chewing slowly is helpful for you to lose weight. Or a big cup of water or soup will help to control the appetite.

All these are reasons for gaining weight in autumn. If you do want to lose weight and do not want to gain any weight in autumn, the botanical slimming gel will help you in losing weight in autumn.

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