10 diet habits and dream body helps you lose weight

Summer is a good season for losing weight, and I will introduce you some food which are very suit for eating in summer. And dream body can help you lose weight quickly, and you can also reach the goal of losing weight at the same time when you enjoy the delicious.


Eat more poultry, eat less pork

The protein in poultry is animal protein, it is the nutrition needed by your body. But pork is not as good as poultry, and it contains much saturated fatty acid. Therefore, dietitian agree to eat chicken, duck, pork is ok, but don’t eat too much, it is benefit for health.

Bacteria mushrooms into dietary structure to food

Mushrooms, mushroom, black agaric and so many bacteria mushrooms, they contain less protein, and generally vegetable contains more, the essential amino-acid is properiate, and many kinds of trace elements and human essential substances, and dream body has good health care function for you to have it for a long time.

Grain can not be ignored

There’re all kinds of grain, but ADI of grain has become less and less. If you don’t take enough heat for a long time, the heat provided by carbohydrate is 55% lower than food heat, body only can take protein as heat so that children stop growing, and adults have no energy. Expect fat and diabetic, adults should take 300-400 g grain.

Eat about 500 g vegetable (contain 50-100 g fruit)

In addition the abundant vitamin, mineral substance contained in vegetable, it also contains abundant dietary fiber. It not only can avoid constipation, but also can reduce the harmful substance in the excrement and harm of intestinal wall to avoid intestinal cancer, and it is benefit for preventing fat and improving lipid supersession.

Salt, it is a rapier

Many studies show that dream body is necessary. But it is harmful for you to take too much have salt. Too much salt is one of crime culprit of gastric ulcer and gastric cancer. High Na can raise blood pressure obviously. In addition, eating too much salt will cause the loss of calcium. Change the bad habit of “salt is fresh”, try your best to control salt in 500 g per month for 3 people’s family.

Create condition to eat marine fish

Marine fish oil contains abundant unsaturated fatty acid, and it has the function of reducing blood fat. It can eliminate fat deposit in your vessel.

Control the intake of high sugar and high salt

According to the survey of physiologist, if each people add one more spoon sugar and one spoon of oil per day, then they will get 10 kg more weight in one year. Fat is necessary, but too much is harmful.

Usually adults should take 2 spoons (about 30 g), and fat, hyperlipemia can take one spoon per day.

Each people eat one egg per day

Can eat eggs help to lose weight? Lecithin in yolk can reduce the blood viscosity, and it can help to avoid composure of cholesterol. The necessary essential amino-acid provided by egg, and the proportion is very suit for people’s body.

Each people drink a cup of milk per day

Drink a cup of milk and take a capsule of dream body before breakfast or before sleep per day, and try to develop a habit of drink milk. Can drink milk help to lose weight? Milk contains abundant Ca, literature shows that atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, colon cancer, Senile Dementia and so on, all these disease are related to the lack of Ca. people who are lack of lactase can drink yoghourt instead of milk.

Eat beans and bean products

beans and bean products are benefit for solving malnutrition, and it can replenish the protein needed by body, and it also can prevent over nutrition, it is not like that eat meat can increase cholesterol. Bean is the crop contains the most protein, and it is the best quality crop.

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