Chinese cabbage slim forte nutritional value

1, Chinese cabbage contains rich rough fiber, not only can moist intestines, promote drainage and excite intestines peristalsis, but also promote the shit excretion and help digest (digest the food) function. Has the good function to prevent colon cancer.

2, in autumn winter season the air is special dry and the cold wind often do great damage to skin. Cabbage contains rich vitamin C, vitamin E and eat more Chinese cabbage can have very good skin care and skin protection.

3, the New York hormone research institute of the scientists found that China and Japan women breast cancer incidence of a disease is much lower than that of western women because they often eat cabbages. Some of the cabbage trace elements (trace elements food) can help breast cancer associated with the decomposition of estrogen.

Applicable people

Especially suitable for lung hot cough, constipation (constipation food), kidney disease patients feed more, and women (female food) also should eat; Chinese cabbage sex slants cold, so cold abdominal pain, defecate pond stomach diarrhea and cold dysentery person cannot feed more.

Chinese cabbage is suitable for all people to eat. More suitable for chronic habitual constipation, people with a cold, lung hot cough and sore throat, abdominal distention and fever of human consumption. The stick a face with birds can reduce the growth of the right side of acne. Diarrhea slim forte try to avoid eating the cabbage. Rotten cabbage cannot eat, because the bacteria, under the action of nitrate into Chinese cabbage toxic nitrite. Nitrite can make the blood of the low red blood cell oxidation, become abundant high iron (iron food) hemoglobin, upgrading to capacity to carry oxygen, the use of oxygen serious caused poisoning, the emergence of dizziness, headache, nausea, the heart beat faster, coma and even have life risk.

Usage and dosage

Chinese cabbage has many methods to cook. Cooking method on look, whether fry, inline skate, burn, Fried,, stewed, grilled, rinse, cold, salted, can make it delicacies, especially with peas, mushrooms, ham, shrimp, meat, chestnut equivalent to burn, can make a lot of characteristic cuisine.

1, cut cabbage, appropriate shun wire cut and easily cooked cabbage.

2, when cooking you should not use boiled Chao and scalding squeeze juice method so as to avoid the loss of hundreds of signs nutrients.

3, rotten cabbage contains nitrite, etc and can make human body lack of oxygen and even have life risk.

4, Chinese cabbage in the boiling water must not be too long and the best time is 20 ~ 30 seconds, or it will be very hot too soft, too bad, etc.

5, Chinese cabbage in during the decay of producing toxin, the produced nitrite can make the hemoglobin in the blood protein lose capacity to carry oxygen, make human body produces serious lack of oxygen, and even have dangerous to life, so rotten cabbage must not edible.

Chinese cabbage not only work as vegetables (vegetable food) for human to eat, but also has the medicinal value. The motherland medicine thinks that Chinese cabbage sexual slim forte and has the effect of clearing heat, thirsting slim forte, passing the intestines and stomach. And often eat cabbage can prevent vitamin C deficiency (from scurvy).

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