Six tips to maintain muscle p57 hoodia

Low carbohydrate diet seems very easy, but use is very dangerous. Because, when the body is deprived enough candy, it will turn to use protein reserves as energy. The six tips to help you in the low carbohydrate diet keep during muscle mass.

1. Raise protein intake

Low carbohydrate diet asks according to weight ratio to limit carbohydrates taken quantity: 190 pounds more bodybuilder should limit in 56-75 grams daily carbohydrates and 190 pounds of the athletes should limit in 40-every day 55 grams carbohydrates. When carbohydrate intake below 75 grams every day and your body will put more protein as energy. Therefore, in the low carbohydrate intake p57 hoodia should be taken during the protein to raise the volume of every pound weight 2 g.

2. Before and after workouts when protein intake

Whey protein contain a lot of a chain of amino acids, they can replace carbohydrates provide the energy for training. Before training is taken 40-60 grams of whey protein, can prevent the body USES powered muscle tissue. Immediately after the training other 40 to 60 grams intake whey protein, can rebuild muscle tissue. In addition, the daily carbohydrates quota arrangement is in 50% of the train after intake.

 3. Eat red meat every day

Red meat can provide to the body fat for energy, make protein from the energy used for luck. Red meat also rich in c amino acid, it can be used to offer can without causing insulin levels. Every day at least, from red in 50 grams of protein intake of lean p57 hoodia, put it in two food distribution in: breakfast 25 grams, another meal 25 grams. So can ensure that last for our c1 supply amino acid, prevent the body will protein as energy.

4. Caffeine/ hemp supplements

By caffeine and hemp mixes nutrition supplements can help you in the high strength training period to maintain low carbohydrate intake. A p57 hoodia 2, 4 piece (every piece of 150 mg) help the body to burn more fat for fuel.

5. Two weeks after the hydration sets things improve carbon intake for a day

Keep a low carbohydrate diet two weeks later, on day 15 the carbohydrate intake to improve every pound weight 2-3 g, and the protein intake reduced to every pound weight 1 g. You can keep a low carbohydrate diet 8-nine weeks, as long as every two weeks to arrange a day high carbohydrate food can. This is very important and would lead to a better effect.

6. High intensity aerobic training

Low carbohydrate diet is effective, because it reduces the muscle the candy level, forcing the body adipose offer can rely on. High intensity aerobic exercise (30 minutes every time, every week 3, 4 times) can further consumption level of candy, help to eliminate more fat. In order to achieve the best effect it can be arranged in aerobic training before eating, because the candy p57 hoodia level is low.

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