The human body needs botanical slimming soft gel quantities of heat one day

Southerners staple food is given priority to rice and the north is give priority to with pasta. However, what staple food’s quantity of heat is at least while the most healthy? Thin body for everybody below men and women to compare the staple of heat value, to reducing weight of we should pay attention to, don’t eat the wrong thing.

The human body one day needs in the end how many quantity of heat?

Control weight gain, will strictly control the quantity of heat that absorbs every day. At the same time, also want to satisfy basically the energy requirements of the day. This needs us to our own needs every day how many botanical slimming soft gel quantity of heat is a comprehensive understanding, thus do reasonable diet. The human body needs every day is the quantity of heat of human body metabolic need based basic heat, physical activity need heat and digestive food need heat the sum. Calculating their calories there are three basic methods:

First, according to calculate the weight every day the scope of the calories

Heat a = weight (kg) x22

Heat b = weight (kg) x33

Every day should be in the human body calories quantity of heat between a and b heat

Second, according to the individual’s height, weight, gender, age to calculate

Male: 66 + [13.7 x weight (kg)] + [5 x height (cm)]-6.8 x age

Female: 65 + [9.6 x weight (kg)] + [1.7 x height (cm)]-4.7 x age

According to this formula from kilocalorie number every day is roughly the quantity of heat that use up value

Third, according to everyone’s weight and the intensity of labor to measure (is suitable for very a body of special vocational)

1, non- physical strength botanical slimming soft gel workers such as office clerks:

25 kilocalorie x weight (kg)

2, need a body of a field workers, such as the barber:

30 kilocalorie x weight (kg)

The north and the south one staple food quantity of heat to see

Rice: 346 calories (100 g)

Rice is the staple food of Chinese people, one of the botanical slimming soft gel by rice and into. The composition of amino acid in the rice is completely, protein is mainly meters of lean protein, easy to digest absorb, be it a family dinner or go to the restaurant, rice is indispensable.

Rice was divided into three categories according to the method and japonica rice and glutinous rice. Various nutrients content in the rice is not very high, but because people big eat, so its also have high nutritional efficacy, is added nutrients foundation food; Rice porridge with tonifying spleen, stomach, and clear lung function.

Noodles: 280 calories (100 g)

The main nutrients have noodles of protein, fat, carbohydrates, etc.; Noodles easy to digest absorb, improve anemia, enhanced immunity, balanced nutrition absorption effect. Noodles contain rich carbohydrate, can provide enough energy, and in the process of cooking can absorb a lot of water, 100 g noodles after cooked will become 400 grams left and right sides, so can produce strong full abdomen feeling. Hard wheat contains vitamins B, they to the brain botanical slimming soft gel cells have the stimulation, so the noon eat a bowl of noodles reasonable nutrition is right choice. And the morning should take some protein content to higher food, eat in the evening surface is unfavorable to digestion and absorption.

Dumplings: 240 calories (100 g)

A protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2, nicotinic acid and survive the starch, nutrition is rich, strong rubbing for food, has fill in yiqi, nourishes the spleen, check the effect of sweating, to taste cold empty, poor appetite, abdominal distension  has certain soothing effects.

Steamed stuffed bun: 120 calories (100 g)

Wheat flour rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and minerals, botanical slimming soft gel benefiting kidney, the healthy Bi thick bowel, except hot thirsty effect, attending dirty rashness, vexed heat, thirst, diarrhea, carbuncle swollen discharge, trauma, bleeding and burns, etc.

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