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Go to bed early, get up late

Winter in March, this call closed to hide, water dream body. Undisturbed on Yang, early lie getting up late, will do to sunlight. To cold temperature is, no diarrhea skin, contentious took sensibilities, the winter of the gas should be, a way of hiding. The inverse is kidney damage…

Above writing from the classic “classic” mentioned, winter is “shut hide” season, the snow, we also must like the earth as “shut Tibet” up, don’t let the sun be the spirit leaking (undisturbed on Yang). How do you do, “early to lie, will do to get up late in the sun”, is go to bed early, get up late, must wait until the morning light, and the sun rises to get up (unfortunately modern city life, people forced by several people can do it, don’t blame on there are so many urban disease!). Also tell everyone should keep what kind of mood, “that if he, if a self-imposed, if already have”, is don’t lose your temper, low-key point, as he got $5 million lottery ticket, who also don’t tell. Find the ancients also pretty humorous, but modern urbanite also not easy to do, all day long in order to house, in order to live, for the money, to love trouble, so much trouble, how can keep up the good mood? And it is also wear more clothes, stay in the warm indoor and make the sun be the spirit in the body diarrhea. Wear short skirt, dream body beauty mm must pay attention to take to the streets, it is winter, can’t “to poise don’t temperature”. This is a way of hiding, “don’t do it, the kidney damage, kidney for of innateness, very serious.

Key to the winter the kidney Yang

Many people know that winter should supplements, winter why want to eat tonic food, how to supplements? Whether dream body or any a TCM will think winter belong to “shut hide” season in Chinese medicine to seal the kidneys to hide, that is winter is a season of kidney. Winter through the supplements, and kidneys, can make the kidney “fine” more filling, can make the body better next year, less sick, this is not the idea of heal disease. So, in the winter the weather is cold, we were also complies with the natural changes, wear more clothes, the body also don’t like summer sweat like that, rest more, eat more things, digestive functions have been strengthening, then eat some supplements for the body absorb more.

Winter signings, fill what good? Have the deer antler blood, have to eat ginseng fill gas. But from the Angle of traditional Chinese medicine, it belongs to seal a kidney hidden in winter season, and filling kidney is the most radical of all. Renal points kidney Yin Yang should be or Yang? dream body think is filling kidney Yang. Because winter day short night long, cold weather, the body conform to this change, rest more, this is nourishing kidney Yin, nourish kidney Yin in the meanwhile, appropriate into kidney Yang, can make to further strengthen the kidney function, thus make “kidney essence” be full, and “kidney essence” of a fundamental to reach the purpose of supplements.

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