The function of Effective meizitang is plain fro everyone to judge.


meizitang can speed up users’ metabolism.  Remove the leg of excess fat (10 seconds each day). The body lie on the floor, feet Bengzhi.  The knees maintain Bengzhi the state. The force of the inner thigh muscles, lower side of the leg lift. This position for 10 seconds, for the other side. Point : In practice, such as legs around one of the more difficult to lift, in the original time for the leg exercises to increase 5 to 10 seconds, so you can make the muscles around the legs more shapely. Exercise the leg muscles of tension (10 seconds each day). A front sight, upright. Chest and abdomen. Possible to relax the muscles.
Taking this meizitang, you will lose 5 kg within a fortnight. 2 to maintain the contact state of the palm of your hand and the floor, slowly stood up, a process that is appropriate for 5 seconds.  to the legs pointed, this position to adhere to 5 seconds. Straightened the knees fully extended position of the hand can be a slight adjustment.  Point: In this group of exercises, you should pay attention to keep the palm of your hand and the floor, do not separate between the two knees. 9th Floor, Legs of the road five taboo. Taboo one: both feet on the same side of the side of the sitting, straddled sit cross-legged sitting.
The average would probably lean three to four kilograms. Cucumber banana France three days: Eat cucumbers and bananas, but taken together, one day not to over three pounds for 3 days. Cucumbers and eggs:   After you take this meizitang for 3 to 7 days, fat cells in your body will be very active. Morning and afternoon, an egg each a cucumber night a cucumber this way to lose weight the fastest, I was successful, one week lost 10 kg to 108 from 128 lean year, no rebound, this approach days at least a half kilogram of lean, no sugar, cucumber can absorb the heat of cucumber, it is not to drink the bright pure milk.
Eat a lot of people can not digest, and then want to eat what food to eat vegetables, carrots, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, anyway, as long as the meat into boiled add a little salt, hold the oil, letting go of any stuff, as long as you can see the effect, and fruit to eat, anyway, is to not eat oil became, allow your body to eat the oil in your body. Egg diet Package A: Three meals a day to egg-based food, with vegetables and fruit, eggs, a small amount of baking bread and coffee drinks, one week you can lose weight 5KG the first day of the amount of eggs does not limit. We are responsible for your health when you take this meizitang dream body slimming capsule.
Saturday breakfast, boiled two, grapefruit, a land of coffee lunch of fruit salad (can not use canned apples, bananas and other fruits). Dinner of steak, celery, tomatoes, marinated vegetables, coffee. A Sunday breakfast, boiled eggs, grapefruit, coffee lunch of cold roast chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit, coffee. Vegetables, dinner salad, grilled chicken, tomatoes, boiled cabbage, celery, grapefruit, coffee Note: Salad can not use salad oil salad making. Not add sugar, milk and coffee. Meat available only grilled or boiled, not fry.  As meizitang can burn the fat in our body, we will be slim with the help of it.


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