The United States Committee of experts confirmed the safety of the effective meizitangin 1993.


The United States Committee of experts confirmed the safety of the  effective meizitangin 1993.  The fourth day may not be thin may also be fat back to the point. You will be sad to cry to be bored. At this time the most dangerous you will want to eat a big meal next meal and then continue. But tends to make you even card is 4.5 days. This time is to hang on in the past you will lean quickly. The fifth day you will be thin. Will thin on the first day, even more than the first day. The sixth day you will be thin. Will thin on the first day, even more than the first day.  Comparative look at their weight with weight loss. Has lost a lot of Oh. Seventh day you may not be thin or thin only thing you will want to eat a lot of things.
The German Ministry of Health asserts that L-carnitine as effective meizitang has no ceiling.  Will thin a little less than yesterday, but your appearance is changing the Law. However, we will ask you is not lost. You have to lean to make everyone surprised.  Will Shuangsi. Remember.  The amount of weight when the weight did not decline on two days do not Oh. This end of the week. You feel the weight loss of happiness. But then there are more great fun with the machine breaking waiting for you. Your stomach has become relatively small and healthy. Can withstand the next torture. Second week] – sugar-free week. This week must be sugar-free foods to eat for a week. No vegetarian.
Then the morning to drink a bottle of yogurt clear stomach. Find a day like. To come up with your water or non-Ribes. This week only drink to add water. A lot of vegetables you can eat a lot of meat and a lot of eggs. You will want to eat starch to eat to fast crazy.   In 1994, the twenty-third edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia collection recorded both the raw materials and tablets and oral solution made from L-carnitine as  effective meizitang.  But you eat you will destroy. Must be the law to eat three meals a day> changed to lose weight before food intake 1/2. Do not need the law to eat three meals a day> smaller meals but eat the amount of changed with the number of times last week, 2/3. When you squat and then stand up and dizziness, anemia.
Well to tell you more seriously unhappy diet you can go to does not dizziness. If you must eat outside food:. You can eat buffet is not the point rice plan and only you can eat food. Or a side dish of food stalls (not a carbohydrate foods). You can eat meat skewers Lu taste black and white cut. You dare eat what buns Dumpling I boom burst. Convenience stores in the last resort can also save you. There is usually steamed eggs with hot dogs (not allowed a piece of toast). These two will be a good thing to accompany your. Earlier this week you will find “Huh? Like you lost?”. And the weight you thin this week more than last week. As long as you did not eat the girl, according to the rules. Light this week, you can thin 4 to 5 kg. Add up. In 1995, International Obesity Health Association praise L-carnitine as  effective meizitang and COLD & HOT as outstanding dedication to scientific research.
Two weeks, you should thin 8 to 9 kg. Closer to a lot away from the target weight. 8 to 9 kg is not as good as thin.  To see how strong you are. You may be originally from the target weight is 15 kg. Only 6 to 7 kg of days. Hoping to chase.  Charge ~. Of course, some people just need to see here @ u _AT_. Congratulations on your successful weight loss. But do not forget that after you stop the weight loss will become fat in a week 2 kg. If only a thin two kilograms then five days of the sugar-free method do not need to down. Then hell. [Week] – from the target is even worse for more than five kilograms applicable. Congratulations, you lost.  In1993, the safety of L-carnitine as  effective meizitang body slimming capsule was confirmed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO).

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