The heart and lung function can be bettered by taking meizitang for the obese.


The heart and lung function can be bettered by taking meizitang for the obese.  but also to ensure that meals, try to choose healthy, but do not be refused to snacks, rejected terrible .  to grasp Well, how to do. Time ago has been on a diet, not only did not thin, there is an upward trend. Now summer, and the principle of  the hot lazy recently exam week approaching, busy, no time visiting the forum.. Finished the sigh of relief went yesterday said under weight, actually unknowingly dropped a hundred pounds, although the change is not great, but I have never been to hundreds of people.
To improve cardiovascular function, you need to consistently adhere to  meizitang.  but it is a little no small encouragement, seem to see the hope of double-digit. Roommate is because summer sweat, Less is moisture, it will bounce back, but no matter what, I am still a little chuckle of, after all, so hard jumping rope running hunger strike, have no effect, but also play counterproductive. So on this momentum and continue to refuel. Some people say that summer is not suitable for weight loss.  The pro-summer to the point of weight loss advice, my upper body is good, is the leg particularly special thick, the words of the arm, usually can not see out, wear a harness called a stout, help help.
Flower this year, sophomore, to today’s motion control diet weight loss had been almost two weeks, two weeks before weight 63.2, see the many sisters said that the first two weeks will not lean put the weight scales received today curious out said a collapse.   In general, meizitang should be taken three times a day at least.   Actually 65.5. Flower usual breakfast is very simple, a bowl or a bowl add eggs, occasionally, morning and afternoon there are two walnut as between meals, Chinese food to eat normal, and occasionally eat snacks, but the absolute control of the heat in less than 1200 cards.
I really do not know why, two weeks later, belly rounded, very easy to constipation last month to the hospital the doctor said there is severe blood stasis do not know is not associated with this, sisters, who can help me it. I despair are.  Ah ah ah ah.  Three months reduced by three months, the weight back to the beginning, how should I do I do not diet, not overeating, sometimes fed point, but definitely not overeating, diet is maintained at between 1200-1400 . Occasionally there are one or two days since 1400, but not to 2000.  To take meizitang is to improve heart and lung function.
Of course supper and snacks I eat. Sports is the next day running, not running at night aerobics, Kitty and Jung Yan, grief, according to by the second month does not thin 8J, the first three months of a rebound back, my first three months because of the platform movement every day to do more to strengthen the movement, the next day a half-hour exercise, done 50 sit-ups. Diet unchanged. The results actually bounce back, not that I really inappropriate weight loss a bit confused. First talk about my specific situation. I 2011.4.29 day to lose weight.  Gradually, meizitang body slimming capsule will become slim.

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