The vascular wall permeability can be improved by taking meizitang

The vascular wall permeability can be improved by taking meizitang.  ” Grapefruit cold Spleen Diarrhea eat grapefruit diarrhea, so the body Deficiency people should not eat. (4) in patients with hypertension medication Mo eat grapefruit. Experts suggest that, during the use of antihypertensive drugs, do not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice or blood pressure plummeted and other serious toxicity. Cai mother of my neighbors have high blood pressure for many years, regular medication, diet, blood pressure control was good, I recently heard that grapefruit rich in vitamin c as well as various types of insulin and other components, able to lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, they eat grapefruit .
 Thereby, taking meizitang is able to improve the systemic blood circulation. Who knows, the recent Cai mother shortly after eating half of grapefruit, it nausea and dizziness, palpitation, fatigue, lower blood pressure. Doctors Liu Peng said, the blood pressure medication at the same time to eat grapefruit, like overdose of antihypertensive drugs, blood pressure was significantly decreased substantially, and even induce angina, myocardial infarction or stroke. 5 grapefruit contains an unknown active substances, inhibit an enzyme of the human intestinal drug metabolism has been interference with the blood concentration was significantly higher.
 Affect the liver detoxification, liver function damage, and may also cause other adverse reactions, or even poisoning. 6. Service allergy eat grapefruit, patients ranging from dizziness, palpitations, arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, and other symptoms, also lead to sudden death.  The principle is to lose weight by taking meizitang. Coronary heart disease commonly used calcium antagonists, lipid-lowering drugs, digestive system commonly used cisapride and caffeinated antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Another grapefruit contains large amounts of potassium, kidney disease patients taking under the guidance of a doctor. 
It would appear that the mint they can not blindly pursue the downsizing excessive utility grapefruit ah, must be appropriate, and to prevent food poisoning. Excited to have found this magic, but I still adhere to the principle of control and movement, we must not over-reliance on a small discoveries. To lose weight, in the summer of 10 years started to take diet + exercise, because they have appetite very big, so start to lose weight works well. But then ran into the bottleneck of the talking. When their own to lose weight do not have experience, When taking meizitang, users’ sweat pores are fully open.
see thin not go blindly reduce appetite, and even a three-day basic eat. So that the consequences of eating is also thin down a little one to eat weight reducing. But this is not the worst of times, to October, I am foolish to select one meal a day plan a day caloric intake in 500kal up and down. Because the school is three Monday holiday, only one meal a day three weeks, but a holiday ate a lot. Body under not such a big burden holiday they became very sick, very sick. So to the winter, when the weight is up to the minimum 165cm/45kg.  The sweat glands and sebaceous gland function are stimulated by the components of meizitang.

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